Step Across this Line

21 Mar

“Where do you draw the line?” seems to be the only sound response when debating ethical issues. But I would like to pose the question, if we always ask where to draw the line, will we ever step across the line? Will we ever change if we continue to believe that a line exists at all? Because in truth, there is no line. The line is what was created as a notion to justify our indecision. “Be decisive,” says Donald Trump, “if you’re not decisive you lose trust and credibility.” If we want to be the leaders of this era, we need to run past the line, run until we no longer see it. We hestitate because of roadblocks, but maybe the problem is that we view them as barriers. But these so-called ‘roadblocks’ are just part of the challenge of getting to where we want to be, because we all know money doesn’t grow on trees and success doesn’t fall on us like rain.


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