The Way I See It…

I spend a lot of time analyzing myself and other people to better understand why we act the way we do. I have reached the conclusion that to understand people is to understand that they don’t understand themselves. Nonetheless, my aim is to alter your perception of what is. I think society’s biggest problem is the belief that one person can’t make a difference. I’m here to try to prove one can. This blind ambition has led me to live by the motto: impossible is only an opinion.

I have a tendency to compete with myself as a result of being an only child. I like a wide rimmed glass of pinot noir and a good conversation/argument. I enjoy constructive criticism & occasional failure, recognizing my imperfections & cultivating them as best I can, because failing is often necessary to succeed. I believe fear can be conquered by the inquisitive & analytical mind or by educating yourself until there is nothing left to understand. For if you understand what scares you, the unknown we fear ceases to exist, leaving us with the satisfaction of being one of the enlightened.

I crave knowledge like I do chocolate, purchasing books faster than I read them. Not long ago, I conquered my fear of falling by climbing a Magnolia tree. After nearly an hour of hesitation, I began my nervous ascent into the tree. When I finally reached the top I realized two things: first, you cannot fall if you don’t let go (assuming you select sturdy limbs to hold your weight) and second, it’s a lot harder climbing up than it is to climb down. The saying, ‘It’s the start that stops most people,” was proven true.

I do not believe curiosity killed the cat. Rather, it turned him into a tiger. I believe writing & music are the best medicine, although I sometimes seek solace in the occasional retail therapy.   I wear oversized sunglasses so that I may have an air of unassailable mystery. I laugh at everything because there is no reason not to.

I try my best to explore my everyday existence, even if that existence is confined to an office, and trying to live as Albert Camus prescribed, ‘to the point of tears.’ I find people fascinating and feel privileged to meet and talk with anyone, because when you listen, you’ll find you begin to understand everything and nothing of the world at the same time. I love sunny days and rainy ones, walking in heels, and the unforgettable moments I fall in them. And lastly, I look forward to a time in my life when I can teach my children all the knowledge I have accumulated in this bizarre and beautiful thing called life.



One Response to “About”

  1. accomplishedexile September 7, 2010 at 5:10 pm #

    I don’t know you. I live in Lake Charles and stumbled across your blog by a fortunate accident googling Louisiana related things. I registered on this site just to leave a comment. From the looks of it, it seems likely this page had a hopeful start but was quickly abandoned, years ago now.
    Maybe you’ll never read this comment. Maybe you’re not even the same person anymore who wrote these things that, only by the perpetual nature of information on a worpress server, are still floating around the interweb. I’m commenting anyway (as you might have noticed).
    Obviously my knowledge of who you are is limited to what I’ve read right here, but your mind reminds me of my own not long ago. You have (or, at least, when you wrote this, had) a passion for life I used to share–one I’ve been struggling to find again.
    The most meaningful compliments I’ve ever received have been those from people letting me know that they have been inspired by me or my life. I believe we create our purpose in this life by who we are to the rest of the world. To be the impetus that causes other people to attempt when they have been frightened, to strive when they have been complacent–to stop being content with less than their dreams–well, that’s my dream.
    You inspire me. That’s what I want to tell you. I know if I were you, I’d want to know that. I hope you’re still the person you were when you maintained this little corner of the internet. And I hope some day you and I can have a conversation.
    -Daniel Bailey

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